Brian Harrington of MTN-SIM, LLC Lectures on Mixed-Model Assembly 

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Take a look at an Automotive Bodyshop model with multiple products. 

As customer demand increases and shifts towards multi-channel capabilities your company might be faced with an outdated call center structure. 

  1. Is our call center capable of multi-channel orders?
  2. What is our priority when it comes to multi-channel? Phone 1st, Chat 2nd, Email 3rd
  3. Do we need more agents with additional contact channels?
  4. What is our current call channel volume?
  5. What is the trend via contact/order methods?

Benefits: Improve call volume, satisfaction, reduce abandon rate

Do you have enough resources to care for your patients?

Put your new hospital floor or emergency room into action! Determine your emergency departments (ED) performance metrics

  • ED wait times by day and by hour
  • ED length of stay comparisons
  • Patient volumes over time
  • Average arrival to room
  • ED visits by clinical program
  • Doctor & Nurse utilization

Benefits: Improve patient care, reduce costs

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Is your new manufacturing facility going to achieve its targets?

Creating a manufacturing prototype of your proposed layouts and processes; we can simulate your current or new manufacturing facility. 

Reduce Risk & Find Answers by applying:

  • Theory of Constraints
  • Bottleneck Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Scheduling & Sequence Schemes
  • Mixed Product Assembly

Benefits: Cut Costs, Improve Quality, Reduce Time

MTN-SIM, LLC WILL BE PRESENTING "Simulation for Balancing Mixed-Model Assembly Lines" AT THE ASSEMBLY SHOW!

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